If you are considering buying a pool cleaner for the first time, or buying a replacement one, you should check out the Zodiac Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaner. Buying a pool cleaner that is effective and offers little to no problems is vital when purchasing a new unit, and the Baracuda Pool Cleaner will definitely not disappoint you.    

Buy the Zodiac Baracuda G3

This cleaner has one motto that it is proven to adhere to: “simple and effective.” Unlike other pool cleaners, it doesn’t have wheels or a bulky frame. It has been specifically designed to effectively remove dirt – even the stuff that has attached itself to the walls of your in-ground pool. And unlike some cleaners, which often produce a loud flapping or hammering noise, the Baracuda Pool Cleaner works efficiently and quietly.  

You don’t have to wonder whether this is the right cleaner for your pool, because it has been designed to work in any type. The size and depth of your pool won’t matter either, as it can clean its way through it effortlessly. Its anti-stick design and wheel deflector ensure smooth, uninterrupted cleaning.  

When you purchase the Baracuda G3, there is no need to worry about assembly, because it’s all been done for you! It is very easy to install and no special dedicated plumbing is necessary. Just attach the hose and the G3 is ready to get to work. It doesn’t come with ordinary hoses, mind you. It comes with hoses that promise a longer life than typical pool cleaner hoses which can become perforated after just a short time. They’re even covered under the limited 2 year warranty.   

The G3 has only one operational moving part, which is a huge advantage when it comes to the reliability and durability of the unit. You also need not worry about repairs and parts replacement because, unlike pressure cleaners, the parts of the G3 are relatively inexpensive.     

The Baracuda Pool Cleaner is equipped with a Flowkeeper Valve, which makes certain that the flow of water is regulated. This ensures that the cleaner works effectively even when utilized with lower powered pumps. The G3 is excellent value for money, with superior performance that puts typical cleaners to shame!     

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Buy the Baracuda Pool Cleaner

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