The only downside to having a pool in your own backyard is the task of manually cleaning and maintaining it. It’s a backbreaking, time consuming and laborious chore that nobody wants to do. Dread sets in at the mere thought of having to clean your pool. However, cleaning it is an essential part of owning a healthy pool. Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool. And if you leave your pool dirty, you’re throwing your money away. There’s an easy solution to cleaning your pool and it’s guaranteed to turn that frown into a smile. The perfect solution is the Smartpool Nitro Wall Climber. It’s a terrific tool that will let you say goodbye to all the manual scrubbing needed to clean the pool.

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You have three options when it comes to automatic in-ground pool cleaners. You can choose a suction-side pool cleaner that will vacuum the debris and water, pressure-side cleaners that redistribute clean water (but which need to be hooked up to your pool’s circulation system), and the more effective robotic pool cleaners. Robotic pool cleaners have most of the features of other in-ground pool cleaners and come with some extra ones too. They work independently and have an internal motor that drives them and powers their filtering and suctioning abilities.

The Smartpool Nitro Pool Cleaner is a robotic pool cleaner that works independently from your pools filtration or pumping system. It’s quick and efficient and it’s one of the most advanced in-ground automatic pool cleaners available. It has twice as many intake ports compared to other cleaners and it has the widest cleaning path. It not only has a built-in pump, but also a filter and micro-filter. In terms of technology, features, and durability, nothing can beat the easy-to-use Smartpool Nitro Wall Scrubber.

A unique feature is the Rapid Drain System that traps debris in its filter while also allowing water to flow back quickly into the pool. This helps lighten the weight of the filter so you can easily lift it out of the pool when it’s finished cleaning.  Another great innovation is its built-in sensor that enables it to tackle any pool shape and design, and this also ensures that it won’t get caught on ladders, steps, or any other obstructions. It will clean and scrub your pools entire floor and all of the walls up to the waterline. Its brush-to-port suction allows thorough vacuuming of leaves and acorns, along with fine debris. You can even choose its cleaning cycle, such as the rapid one-hour clean setting or the three-hour systematic clean cycle. You don’t even have to wait for it to finish, because it will automatically shut-off after three hours.

It has an innovative and light-weight design, enabled with intelligent navigation, helping it to clean most pools in just one hour. It also has a direct-drive motor that helps improve traction and direct navigation. It’s tough enough for concrete, yet gentle on fiberglass and vinyl pools. It also has an extra-capacity filter bag and a 50’ delamination-proof power cord. The Nitro Wall Climber is approved by ETL, CE and CSA.

Best of all, the Smartpool Nitro Pool Cleaner is Eco-Smart. It delivers high performance with minimal energy consumption. Not only does it help the environment by conserving water and energy, it will also reduce pool chemical consumption as well. It only costs pennies to operate, and based on customer feedback, the Smartpool Nitro Wall Climber delivers on its promises.

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