The awesome thing about the Aquabot Turbo T4 Pool Cleaner, is that you literally only have to throw it into your pool and watch it as is works. There’s no reason for the back aching, time consuming, manual scrubbing you had to do prior to acquiring the T4. Plus, you won’t have to spend your hard-earned dollars on pool cleaners that are only just slightly faster at cleaning the pool than you are. All you need when it comes to pool cleaning is the Aquabot Turbo T4. It does the job in an hour or less, no matter what the shape or design of your pool.

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Aquabot pool cleaners are packed with great features that have been expertly researched and designed. The American company Aquabot is the leading manufacturer for automated and robotic pool cleaners all over the world. For over 25 years they have consistently produced high quality pool cleaners for both commercial and residential pools and the company has been dedicated to outstanding research and development. They constantly work to improve their products and the Aquabot T4 Pool Cleaner is amongst their very best products.

The T4 has a much more powerful motor, and as a result, it only takes an hour or less for it to clean a pool 50’ in length (it takes the Aquabot Turbo T three hours to cover the same pool). All three robotic cleaners only need the push of a button in order to operate. Just turn them on, drop them in the pool and relax. No supervision is required because they don’t need hoses, booster cords or filter connections. The cord attached to the Aquabot Turbo T4RC ingeniously floats on the surface of the pool, so it won’t even get tangled, and it turns itself off automatically so you can start the unit working and walk away.

The major advantage of the Aquabot Pool Cleaner is that it comes with a wireless hand-held remote control for pinpoint accuracy. You can control where it goes and have it focus on dirtier areas of the pool when you program it on manual mode. It also has an automatic mode for the times that you don’t want to oversee the job, and like all Aquabot Cleaners, it still completes the job effectively.

It has a rotating scrubbing brush system to remove deep-seated debris like algae and mildew. It also has power washing jets that spray water to dislodge debris on difficult-to-reach areas, a vacuum pump that sucks them out, and a reusable filter that will trap everything from leaves to stones, coins, sand and microorganisms. It will save you up to 85% on pool maintenance costs like water consumption, chlorine and electricity. It works with an internal microprocessor and an obstacle detection network to clean any pool shape even if it is being used for the first time. The T4 is remarkably adaptable and it doesn’t waste any time in learning your pool type, automatically adjusting to the unique shape of your pool.

If you want the option of manually guiding your Aquabot’s cleaning cycle and pinpointing where you want it to focus, then the Aquabot Turbo T4 Pool Cleaner is the man, or should I say robot, for the job.

Buy the Aquabot T4

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