Do you have a pool? Or are you thinking about building a pool? If you answered yes to either question, then the Aquabot Automatic Pool Cleaner is your new best friend. There’s no need to hire a pool boy, because all you need now is this cleaner. It will do all your cleaning, any day of the week and at any time of the day, so that you can enjoy your backyard pool all you want. 

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This is the industry’s first ever automated pool cleaner that will do all the scrubbing and vacumming for you. It even has a microfilter feature to give you a healthier pool. You won’t even need to spend a huge amount of money on more expensive models from other brands, because the original Aquabot has all the features that you will ever need. The design hasn’t changed in over 20 years but it still gets the job done. 

Say goodbye to scrubbing and vacuuming your pool by hand! It will scrub, vacuum and filter your pool for you. It’s fully automated and doesn’t even need hoses, pumps or suction lines, so you’re free to relax all day. It’s even fully independent so you won’t need to supervise or assist it. 

So how does the Aquabot Pool Cleaner do the job? It has a microprocessor that enables it to adjust to every pool. It doesn’t have to learn what your pool looks like – it will clean every wall, step or corner even if you just got it out of the box. Plus, it even scrubs away algae and bacteria. It has a microfilter to get even the tiniest debris, and it also circulates the pool water to keep the water temperature and chemicals balanced, meaning that you’ll get to save even more money. 

This cleaner has a floating 51’ cord so that it won’t tangle or get in the way of the cleaner. That’s why it doesn’t need any manual assistance or supervision. It operates only on 24 volts to ensure safety, durability and cost efficiency. To further prolong your Aquabot’s life, you need to unplug it after each cleaning session and take it out of the pool to prevent corrosion and chemical degradation. 

Everything you need when it comes to pool cleaning is available at the touch of a button with this cleaner. Operating costs of the cleaner are as low as 10 cents a day, it can reduce chemical consumption by up to 30%, decrease filter operation by up to 60%, and backwashing and cleaning cartridges reduced by up to a whopping 80%. 

Before the Aquabot, cleaning your backyard pool was back-breaking and painstakingly slow. Now you get to enjoy a spotless pool without experiencing the hassle of manually doing it. Plus the Aquabot will save you money. Don’t waste your time and money; get the Automatic Aquabot Pool Cleaners.

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